La Trajana

Natural and authentic products


In Organic Spain Foods, we give importance to the quality and origin of the ingredients used in the manufacture of our products. They are completely free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.



Certified products


Our products are organic, certified according to the EU regulation and also comply with the "USDA organic", the US regulation. The entire range is guaranteed free of pesticides, fertilizers and chemical products. It is also certified as halal and kosher and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



Benefits of our oil


Our entire range of organic olive oil "La Trajana" is extra virgin and contains more nutrients compared to other varieties of processed and refined oils.

The olive oil "La Trajana" contains E vitamin, a naturally present antioxidant which benefits have been demonstrated more than once. The E vitamin helps defend the organism from oxidation and, therefore, cellular aging.

Our range


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Trajana


Our organic extra virgin olive oil "La Trajana" comes from 100% certified organic olives grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

It is a blend of 4 varieties of olives (picual / arbequina / lechín / verdial) rigorously selected to obtain a sweet olive oil, fruity and fragrant with nearly no bitterness.

Obtained by cold extraction, it is a 100% Spanish oil made with olives grown on Spanish soil, pressed and bottled in Spain.


Flavored Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil La Trajana


We have combined our organic extra virgin olive oil with natural aromas to obtain an intense and tasty product.


A complete and innovative range with 5 unique flavors. We can also develop the flavor you are looking for on demand.

Organic Salad dressing La Trajana


Our organic salad dressing is the perfect combination of our organic extra virgin olive oil and organic balsamic vinegar from Modena (Italy) counting with a protected designation of origin.


We can develop other organic dressings, for example with organic sherry vinegar (Spain) also benefiting from a protected designation of origin.

Organic vinegar La Trajana with Protected Designation of Origin

Organic Hummus La Trajana


We created our organic hummus from our own organic extra virgin olive oil and our own production of organic chickpeas (a variety called "milky white"). A special chickpea with a protected geographical indication (PGI) highly appreciated for its texture, flavor and creaminess.


Our hummus is a certified organic product without preservatives, aroma or artificial coloring. A healthy and natural product, source of protein, rich in fiber, oleic and linoleic acids, but also vitamin B9 (specifically recommended for pregnant women for the prevention of diseases and impaired fetal growth, prevention of different forms of cancer and cardiovascular diseases) and vitamin B1 (growth, maintenance of the skin and functioning of the nervous system).

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