In Organic Spain Foods the commitment to quality and food safety is fundamental and our priority when  developping new products.

What is a certification?


Quality certifications are carried out by external and independent companies with the objective of controlling the quality of products and procedures of a company.

Companies that meet all requirements obtain an official certification which allows them to give their customers trust and guarantee in their products.

In general, these certifications are renewed every year thanks to controls and audits carried out by the independent certifying companies.



Our certificates


In Organic Spain Foods we have several internationally recognized quality certificates in order to control the origin and offer traceability and transparency about our products to our customers.

European Union Organic


As producers and traders, we are certified organic by the CAAE (Comité Andaluz de Agricultura Ecológica), an accredited certifier by the European Union.


This certification controls the production and processing of the products, but also packing and labeling.  To obtain the EU organic certification each step of the chain (farmer, producer, manufacturer, trader, importer or exporter) is regularly supervised & controlled to make sure that it meets all the established legal standards.



United States of America Organic


Our products are also certified organic according to the USA’s organic regulation, the "USDA Organic”.



Regarding the processing of our products (oil bottling, hummus manufacturing), we work with large food industries whose production processes meet the highest standards of food safety and have worldwide recognized certificates such as BRC, IFS and ISO 9001.



BRC: British Retail Consortium


 The "British Retail Consortium" (BRC) certification guarantees that distributors comply with the legal obligations of food safety, guaranteeing the highest level of consumer protection.



IFS: International Food Safety


The "International Food Standard" (IFS) certification guarantees the safety and quality of food products thanks to a coherent evaluation system for all types of companies supplying food products, enabling a high level of transparency throughout the international supply chain.



Certification ISO 9001


ISO 9001: 2015 is a quality management system (QMS) regulation. With great worldwide recognition, it allows the implementation of quality control in the company, helping its expansion and respect of the internal processes.


In OSF we believe it is very important that everyone has access to the products they like regardless of their consumption habits. This is why we also have halal, kosher, vegetarian and vegan certification for most of our range.



Kosher certification


The Kosher certification accredits that food products are prepared according to Jewish dietary standards (mandatory requirements of the Torah for food consumption). Our products are regularly controlled from manufacturing to packaging by the presence of a rabbi.



Halal certification


The Halal certification is a process that guarantees that products, processes and food products (production, manufacturing, packing, transport and storage) are in accordance with the rules established by Islamic law and the Islamic council.



Vegetarian – Vegan certificate


The vegetarian & vegan certification guarantees that the products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.



Product of Spain

The "product of Spain" is not exactly a certification but being a Spanish company with its own production in Spain and an olive oil range that is 100% Spanish origin, we like to promote the image of the Spanish brand.

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