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"In OSF we produce and distribute certified organic products, carefully selecting the best Spanish foods

for our international customers.

Private Label

In Organic Spain Foods we offer many options to allow our clients to develop their own brand and product range. A significant volume of our exportations is manufactured under our clients’ brands.

La Trajana

When creating and marketing our range of organic products, we tried to gather all the charisma, strength and values of Pompeya Plotina. A woman born in our land who marked history as the wife of Emperor Trajano during his government of the Roman Empire for almost 20 years.

This unique woman has inspired us to create our own brand: “La Trajana”, a combination of quality, history and tradition.


“La Trajana” gives the image of a strong and independent woman, who loves to care about herself and her family, who supports local producers, who likes to cook and try to consume organic products. A hard-working, entrepreneurial, sporty person who enjoys quality time with family and friends.


La Trajana also symbolizes families, men, young people and older ones. It represents consumers with values, aware of the need to care for our environment and our world.


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