Spain, European leader in organic farming

What is organic farming?

Organic farming is a production method based on a sustainable system that respects the environment and its natural life cycles, thus minimizing the impact of human beings. Some of the differences between traditional (conventional) agriculture and organic farming are: crops rotation, prohibition of using genetically modified organisms, fertilizers or other chemical products, choice of plant and animal species that are resistant to diseases and adapted to local conditions.

For a final transformed product to be considered and certified as organic, all stages of the production & supply chain have to respect the regulations. From the use of organic raw material (fruits, vegetables, spices, cereals, meats, eggs, etc), to the processing, storage and transport of these products.

In OSF we have our own production, certified  organic according to the EU regulations. We control the origin and quality of our raw material, in our case Spanish olives, which are then pressed and bottled according to the requirements of said regulations. A process that allows us to offer a range of high quality products, organic certified and  with 100% traceability. Enter our website to learn more. 

Our farm in Andalusia

Organic farming in the EU and in Spain

In the past few years, organic farming and consumption of organic products have been growing worldwide. A trend effect but also a proof that our society is becoming more & more aware of the need to care for the environment and get rid of f the chemical and artificial products often used in the food industry.

Despite the spectacular growth of organic farming, the European Union continues to consume more organic products than it produces, importing 45% of what it consumes.  Importations that are controlled by a strict regulation, requiring that organic products imported from outside the EU meet the same requirements as those produced within the EU.


In the case of Spain, since 2016 it has become the European leader, counting with the largest number of acres dedicated to organic farming. In this same year Spain was counting with 2,019,000 hectares of organic production. Today, Spain’s consumption of organic products is still low and most of the production is exported but the percentage of farmers converting their land to organic farming continues to grow steadily. And that is always good news for us! 

Autor entrada: Francisco Camacho