The Mediterranean diet and its incredible benefits

In February 2019 the famous Bloomberg website released its “Healthiest Country Index”, based on statistics from the World Health Organization and the World Bank. 169 countries were evaluated and Spain has been nominated nº1 before Italia (nº2 ), Japan (nª4), Sweden (nª6), France (nº12), the USA (nº35), China (nº52) or Russia (nº95).

This ranking was built on various criterias including  life expectancy, tobacco use, obesity rate, access to clean water & sanitation. In the past decade Spain saw its number of cardiovascular diseases & deaths from cancer decrease and is expected to have the world’s best life expectancy by 2040 (86 years).

Researchers say that an individual’s health level is highly influenced by their eating habits. A very relevant statement in the case of Spain (nº1) & Itay (nº2) who are both famous for their “Mediterranean diet”.


So what is the Mediterranean diet?

It is more of a way of eating than a diet, the number one rule being to avoid sugar, carbohydrates and any type of refined & processed foods.

On the contrary the Mediterranean diet is based on a high consumption of fresh fruits & vegetables, fish, poultry, whole grains and healthy fats such as nuts, seeds and olive oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is at the center of the Mediterranean diet for all its health benefits, and amazing taste!

It is full of A, D, E vitamins, helps regulate hypertension and blood sugar level, increases the “good” cholesterol level while helping reducing the “bad” one and it’s famous for its antioxidants improving the cognitive functions and reducing the risk of cells death and diseases such as Alzheimer.



The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the pressing of olives and is not refined nor mixed with any other substance. It is the highest quality of olive oil you can get and is even better when you can get it organic like La Trajana’s olive oil.

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Autor entrada: Francisco Camacho