Olive oil continues to maintain its prices with only a slight but downward variation

One more week if the prices of olive oil are defined by where they will go in the coming days. Quotes have remained stable, although the Poolred does show some slight downward variation, although in any case there have not been large variations in all categories.

In fact, according to sources from Oleoestepa, the existing equilibrium in the oil market has allowed prices to remain unchanged. Thus, extra virgins have been paid from 2,800 to 3,200 euros per ton, virgin oil from 2,450 euros and lampante to 2,250 euros per ton.

For its part, the Poolred system of the Olivar Foundation collects slight downward oscillations, registering a drop in extra, where set an average price of 2,586 euros (compared to 2,690 euros the previous week) and virgin to 2,339 euros (2,362 euros, the previous one). On the contrary, lampante oil rises to 2,126 euros per ton compared to 2,118 euros per tonne the previous week.

Likewise, the last weekly Weekly Report of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for the week week 5, which runs from January 28 to February 3, there were widespread declines in the average prices of olive oils.

Refined olive oil (-0.71%), crude pomace oil (-0.69%), virgin olive oil (-0.61%), extra virgin olive oil (-0.53%), lampante oil ( -0.26%) and refined pomace oil (-0.25%). Refined sunflower oil increases its price by 0.48%.

In said report, the Ministry of Agriculture reflects a significant drop compared to the same period of the previous campaign. In virgin olive oil from 0.8º to 2º, the Ministry reports a price of 238.84 euros / 100 kilos, which is a drop compared to that registered at the start of the campaign, in October 2018, when It stood at 242.30 euros. And also low, but more significantly, if compared with the same week last year, when the virgin olive oil was at 350.61 euros / 100 kilos.

Autor entrada: Francisco Camacho