The olive grove campaign is consolidated and the fall in prices is also consolidated

While the new campaign accumulated delay after restraint, the prices of olive oil were maintained, but the arrival of better weather conditions have consolidated the development of the olive harvest and with it what is consolidated is the fall in prices, They have seen how they came back down during the past week. And according to experts, it is expected that this will be the keynote during the coming weeks, despite the call of the agricultural organizations to curb the speculative practices of the industry and the request for caution to the producers at the time of selling to avoid precisely consolidating this fall in prices.

According to Oleoestepa sources, the market continues to cling to the declines because there is more supply than demand in the market at this time. These same sources have detailed that operations were closed in extra from 2,750 euros per ton (2,800 euros, the previous week), in virgin at an average price of 2,500 euros per ton and in lampante to 2,250 (2,350 euros, the previous) .

On the other hand, the Oliva Olive Oil Price Information System (Poolred) of the Olivar Foundation scored cuts in extra virgin oils, where it set an average price of 2,739 euros (2,821, the previous week), in virgins the The price closed at 2,461 euros (2,484, the previous one), while the lampantes rose to 2,266 euros per ton (2,148 euros, the previous one). On the other hand, the Weekly Report of Situation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food of this last week has left a very black panorama, with strong generalized descents, where only the virgin olive oil rises 1.19%.

The declines were in lampante oil (-1.42%), refined pomace oil (-1.34%), extra virgin oil (-1.02%), refined olive oil (-0.41%) and crude pomace oil (-0.30%). The refined sunflower oil also drops one (-0.23%). In short, a bad moment that consolidates the fall in prices that began a few weeks ago.

Autor entrada: Francisco Camacho