The extra virgin price in Spain is already 22% higher than a year ago in August

The International Olive Council notes in its latest bulletin an average price in Spain for Extra Virgin Olive Oil at origin last August of € 3.81 / kg, with a certain trend towards stability in recent weeks.

This is 22% higher than the August 2016 price, although 10% lower than the peak of the third week of August 2015. The market in Spain maintains levels similar to those of Greece, which have rebounded in the most recent weeks to stand at 3.78 € / kg.

However, the national price is very far from the extra Virgin of Tunisia, which despite having fallen from April to June, were at the end of July at € 4.03 / kg; and even more the Italian oils that at that time were moving at 5.46 € / kg, or 54% more compared to July 2016.

There is still a small difference in our country between € 3.81 / kg, quoted for the extra and € 3.70 / kg, which are found for refined olive oil. Only € 0.11 / kg, difference, while in Italy the refined are paid at € 1.64 / kg less than the extra virgin.

Autor entrada: Francisco Camacho