Palm oil, war is declared. Let’s see the role that Spain plays

We have declared war on palm oil. It is in the sights of politicians, supermarket chains, ecologists, nutritionists, doctors … and society in general.

Reasons are not lacking. Its composition, rich in saturated fatty acids, is just the opposite of what is considered a ‘healthy ingredient’. However, it is the most used fat globally. And its consumption grows and grows. Already found in 50% of the products we consume.

Now that we are aware of the problem, it becomes necessary to face the enemy. It is time for a leader to take the lead in this social trend and direct the right strategy, using as weapons the exaltation of the healthy diet as the only way for humanity to live healthier for longer.

And it is precisely our country that should collect the witness of this leadership. Reasons we have left. Spain is the world’s largest producer and exporter of olive oil. Today, the most healthy fat. Every day we are witnessing the discovery of a benefit contributed by the consumption of this oil for health (prevention of various types of cancer, cholesterol, obesity, coronary, cardiovascular, degenerative diseases and a long etcetera). Leer más Sobre Palm oil, war is declared. Let’s see the role that Spain plays